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Amar Guriro

EditorWashmedia-South Asia Website
Coordinator Washmedia-South Asia,

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Environmental Journalist Pakistan Today, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Amar Guriro is a print media journalist, a blogger, photographer, multimedia producer and a professional fixer based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He is attached with a Lahore-based English paper, Pakistan Today in its Karachi office as staff reporter.

He is also president of WashMedia-South Asia, Pakistan Chapter. WashMedia-South Asia is a forum of journalists from across South Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka working on water and sanitation.

He is IVLP fellow and also a media fellow of the UK-based NGO Water-Aid-Pakistan’s media fellowship program since 2009. Guriro has contributed reports, feature stories, investigative reports and analysis for different local, national and international newspapers, news magazines, online paper and other publications of different languages including English, Urdu, Sindh, Hindi and Marathi. He has contributed for BBC (Urdu), The Times (English), Indian newspaper Dainik Jagran (Hindi), The Himal SouthAsian, Nepal (English), Indian Marathi language paper Lokmat and also for Pakistani local and national newspapers including Daily Times (English), Pakistan Today (English), Weekly Kolachi section of the News on Sunday (TNS) in English, Regional Times (English), (English), Daily Kawish (Sindhi), Tameer-e-Sindh (Sindhi), daily Sindh (Sindhi), Monthly Faroozan Magazine (Urdu), Fortnightly Affair Mag (Sindhi), Dastak (Urdu). He has also reported radios reports and many of his stories were broadcasted on FM 107. He maintains his personal website at He can be reached at:



Alka Pande

Country Coordinator Washmedia-South Asia, India

Thomson Reuters, Uttar Pradesh, India

Alka Pande is a print media journalist based at Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in India. She is primarily a development journalist with a special focus on issues related to environment, gender, climate change, agriculture and commodity. She has done a large number of stories whilst working with many reputed national English dailies of India- including Times of India, The Indian Express and Outlook weekly magazine, and is currently reporting for Thomson Reuters from Uttar Pradesh. For last three years, working in close association with WaterAid, she has been extensively covering issues related to water and sanitation. email:


Ramzan Chandio

The Nation, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Ramzan Chandio is a staff reporter for The Nation, in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a media fellow of the UK-based NGO Water-Aid-Pakistan’s media fellowship program since 2010. He specializes in reporting on parliamentary proceedings, environment, Climate change, Disaster risks and Wash and Human rights issues. Ramzan has vast experience in reporting on politics, policies of Pakistan related issues in context to their affects on masses.  Ramzan has reported in The News (Pakistan), Daily News (Pakistan) and in Sindhi language newspapers too.





Aakash Santorai

Daily Kawish,Hyderabad,Sindh,Pakistan

Aakash Santorai is a professional development journalist based in Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan. He has 10 years working journalism experience. He is also a social and human right activist. He is attached with one of the largest circulated regional paper, the Daily KAWISH, which is publishing from Hyderabad city. Basically he is a senior Sub-Editor and head of a magazine and current affair section of his paper. He covers environment and economy.  He can be contacted at his personal email


Mustafizur Rahman

Country Coordinator Washmedia-South Asia, Bangladesh

Daily New Age,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Mustafizur Rahman is attached with New Age as senior staff correspondent. He is in the field of reporting since 2002. Having masters in English Literature, Rahman covers civil bureaucracy, public policies and water issues. He also worked at The Bangladesh Today. He has covered several issues and events of national and regional level.  He is also media fellow of UK-based WaterAid Bangladesh and writing reports on water and sanitation of the marginalized communities in remote areas of Bangladesh among other issues.


Arun Kumar

The Times of India,

Patna, Bihar, India

Arun Kumar –  is a Patna based journalist of repute known for his serious writings – especially on different aspects of basic human rights issues- poverty, water, hygiene, sanitation, hunger, malnutrition, housing problems, environment, dalits, adivasis, rural and urban poor as well as police atrocities and issues related to fundamental rights enshrined in Indian constitution as well as Universal Human Rights Charter. He is also an important trade union leader known for raising the issues of those working in the field of media. He is also member of National Executive Committee of Indian Journalists Union (IJU) and also one of the prominent human rights activists of Biharprovince of India.


Debasish Roy

Channel 1, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Debasish Roy is a electronic journalist based inDhaka,Bangladesh. He covers political beat, parliament session and parliamentary standing committee and also issues related to global warming and climate change, water and sanitation. Currently he is working as assistant news editor at Channel I, one of the very popular television stations of the country. He also worked at different newspapers, news agency and also in Radio.


Aoun Sahi

The News on Sunday,


Aoun Sahi is a print media journalist based in Lahore,Pakistan. He is working with The News on Sunday, the weekend magazine of The News International, since 2003 as reporter. A Daniel Pearl and Alfred Friendly Press fellow 2010, Sahi worked with The Wall Street Journal as reporter for six months as part of fellowship. He is also WaterAid Pakistan’s media fellow since 2010. He covers crime, environment, water and sanitation, militancy, politics, security, and social issues. He has also contributed to Newsline, Agence France Presse, Inter Press Service and Western newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.


Jagdish Shukla

Daily Jagran,

Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh,India


Jagdish Shukla is a print media journalist working with at Daily Jagran,Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh,India, as freelance reporter. Mostly he covers social issues, but also report stories on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues, anthropology, disaster, weather, public health. He has a record of several successful stories in his carrier. He is also a photographer. He has also reported many national and regional magazines and newspapers. Usually he writes features and articles.


Riaz Sohail
Karachi Sindh, Pakistan

Riaz Sohail is a print media and online journalist and is working with BBC Urdu [Online and BBC Radio] in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan, since 2005. Earlier, he worked with leading Sindh language newspaper, Daily Kawish as edition in-charge & Asst News Editor in Hyderabad, Sindh. He has so far covered hundreds of the investigative and in-depth stories, news feature and radio reports on environment, women issues, water, sanitation, culture and political issues. He has several success stories on water, which he reported and government took notice of those stories. The way, he connected water issues in his stories with human rights is matchless. He can be reached at


Ibrahim Kumbhar

Daily Koshish and KTN news Channel

Islamabad, Pakistan

Ibrahim Kumbhar is a print and electronic journalist based in Islamabad. Though, he covers stories on different sectors, but environment, public health, children and water are few subjects in which he did great stories so far. He remained critics on the policies made by the federal government of Pakistan in these sectors. He is also freelance reporter and has reported several stories in Indian newspapers in Hindi language. He can be reached at


Shanika Sriyananda
Sunday Observer,
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Shanika Sriyananda is a print media journalist and a freelance photographer from Sri Lanka. She is now working with Sunday Observer as assistant new editor. She is basically environmental journalist and she covered environment, science and health beats for long time and won the Best Science and Health Reporter Awards in 2002 and 2004. She temporarily shifted to war reporting in 2007 but again she is back to cover environment, water and sanitation. She is also reporting weekly interviews of politicians and ambassadors and is also looking the online issue of her newspaper, the Observer Online.


Ifham Nizam

The Island, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ifham Nizam is print media journalist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He started his career as a full time journalist at The Sunday Leader in 1994 and currently he is working with The Island. Basically he is environmental journalist, but he has also covered almost all major beats including parliament, economics, defense, cinema and sports. His present focus is on Power and Energy, Environment and Economics.


Shehroz Ibad
Dunya News,
Shehroz Ibad is young journalist from Pakistan’s third largest city of Faisalabad, Punjab. He is working with Dunya News television Channel since last two years. He is also contributing news, features and articles in different newspaper including Daily Ausaf from Faisalabad. He covers Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygeine (WASH) issue for his channel and also for different newspapers. He is also media fellow of UK based WaterAid-Pakistan’s WaterAid Young Media Fellowship program since last one year. Earlier, Mr Ibad has also worked with Geo TV. He can be reached at


Deepa Adhikari
Avenues Television,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Deepa Adhikari is an electronic journalist from Nepal. She is attached with one of the leading television channel from Nepal, the Avenues television, as staff reporter in capital city of Kathmandu, since last three years.

Though, she covers education as major beat, but at the same time she has specialty to connect water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issue with education. She started her journalistic career from Radio journalism and had also worked as online journalist recently.


A.B. (Allah Bux) Arisar

He is development reporter from Umerkot, a gateway city to great Thar Desert located on eastern Sindh near Indian Border in Sindh, Pakistan.
He works for Daily Dawn and Dawn News TV and has been reporting the health, education, WASH, ecology, environment, biodiversity, economy, minority, child, women and gender rights and others.
He has reported several stories culture, minerals and mines, poverty, bonded labour, child labour, early marriages, human trafficking, violence against children, women and minorities. He can be reached at


Md. Asifur Rahman (Asif)

Bangladesh Television—BTV, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Md. Asifur Rahman is versatile electronic media journalist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is attached with state-run BTV as a Producer (News) since November, 2008.

Mostly he edit copies, write news, produce panel interviews on the desk, but he also covers different social issues and also common people’s problems. He has so far reported several stories on different issues for BTV. He is also a fellow of WaterAid Bangladesh’s Media fellowship program, under which he has reported dozens of stories related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues. He can be reached at


Pragati Shahi

The Kathmandu Post, Kathmandu, Nepal

Pragati Shahi, has been working as Sub-Editor with The Kathmandu Post, a leading English national daily published from Kathmandu, Nepal, for the past four years.

As an environment and development journalist, she has extensively covered and reported different environmental issues at local and international level ranging from participatory and sustainable management of resources to global climate change. She is working as an assistant editor for a e-magazine on WASH sector, “Panee ra Sarsafai’ for more than one year. As the International Climate Champion 2009-10 of the British Council, she has successfully implemented awareness project on climate change at local community, where I had an opportunity to work with community-based groups and networks in partnership with different government and non-government organisation.

She has previously worked as secretary for Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists (NEFEJ), an umbrella organisation of Nepalese environment journalists from May 2009-June 2010, and now is an executive member. She has also been awarded with the Media in Conservation Awards by WWF-Nepal in 2011.


Nurul Islam Hasib, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nurul Islam Hasib is a senior correspondent of, Bangladesh’s first online newspaper. Over the past nine years, he has been working with different national English dailies. He has covered a wide range of issues including health, population, environment, water and politics. He has received several awards for reporting particularly on development issues.


Laxmi Maharjan
‘The Himalayan Times, Kathmandu, Nepal
Laxmi Maharjan is working as a health journalist in Kathmandu based the largest selling English daily newspaper ‘The Himalayan Times’ since April 2008. Along with the health beat, she is covering issues on women, children and water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) issues.

She has done her post graduation from Indian Institute of Mass Communication—New Delhi. She is also pursuing her master degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Ratna Rajya College and Bachelor in Law from Nepal Law Campus.

She is also holding a post of secretary in Nepal Health Journalist’s Group and is also an active member of Doctor and Journalist’s group for non-communicable diseases in the country. Most of the time, she has been raising the issues that has direct impact over the life of general people.


Deependra Bista
Kantipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Deependra Bista is a print media journalist from Nepal. He works with national English daily, Kantipur published from Kathmandu and Qutar.

Deependra covers different issues, but water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues are his passion.

He can be reached at


ABM Badruddoza Khan

The Samakal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Badruddoza Khan is working as staff reporter with The Samakal, a leading national daily of Bangladesh since last four years. He has so far covered news stories on public health, nutrition, population and Water and Sanitation issues. Previously he worked for the Daily New Age at it’s Chittagong Bureau office for around two and a half years. He has covered various sorts of events during the time.


Chandani Jayatilleke
Freelance Writer, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chandani Jayatilleke is a freelance print media journalist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She writes on a wide range of subjects from water and sanitation, fishing, women’s issues, health and climate change issues for a few foreign publications. Besides, she also works as a feature writer of a management magazine published from Colombo.
Chandani has received journalism training from Panos South Asia, Reuters, European Journalism Centre and Fojo, Sweden.  She has also worked for two national English newspapers in Colombo previously.
She has won the IPS/IFAD Reporting Microfinance Award in 2005 and an honours certificate at the Developing Asia Journalism Awards Forum in 2010. Currently, she works as an independent feature writer and a communications consultant in Colombo.


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  1. ap ky siwa koe bnahi kiya is blog py : ;d

    Posted by rabbia arshad | July 5, 2011, 12:50 pm
  2. Good Team and am sure talented and experimented. Hope one day we will have the opportunity to exchange idea and experiences on this important theme.
    I am a cameroonian journalist, working for the bilingual online newspaper :; also a Coordinator of a cameroon wash journalist network called CAMERWASH-JN. Your blog is simple and deep in information. It will inspire our own.

    Posted by Eddy Patrick | August 13, 2011, 6:54 pm
    • Muhammad Tahir is young journalist from Pakistan’s third largest city of Faisalabad, Punjab. He is working with INP News Agency since last . He is also contributing news, features and Photographere in different newspaper including Daily Nawa e waqt – The Nation -reuters news agency -online news agency – from Faisalabad. He covers Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygeine (WASH) issue for his and also for different newspapers. He is also media fellow of UK based WaterAid-Pakistan’s WaterAid Young Media Fellowship program since last one year. Earlier, has also worked with . He can be reached at

      Posted by Muhammad Tahir | December 11, 2011, 12:56 pm
    • Sorry for this delay in response… we are still learning and growing.
      Thanks Eddy, its nice to know that there are people who are actually following our humble effort. Stay connected so that we can share experiences and learn from each other….

      Posted by Alka | December 16, 2011, 3:09 pm


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